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Behind the Curtain

SCAD 2021 Senior Project - Music Video

Process and Moodboard

The Problem

The brief of this project was to create a video on a topic that demonstrates the processes, skills, and programs I have learned throughout my studies at SCAD. 

The Solution

My solution to this ask was to create a music video that incorporated elements from my major (Motion Media Design), my minor (Animation), and other skills I had picked up at SCAD, such as sound design.

For this project I collaborated with singer/songwriter Caleb Norris, who is the original artist of this song. I wanted to create something both personal to me, but also usable as an actual music and lyric video for him.

The concept behind this music video was to symbolize self identity and the struggle to grow up and come to terms with who we are. I was inspired by polarities and yin yang, and used black and white imagery to represent internal conflict.



Design and Animation: Michelle Haas

Music By: Caleb Norris

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