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Gulfstream x SCADpro

Future Flight Deck Presentation and Deliverables
What is SCADpro?

SCADpro is a selective multi-disciplinary course that connects students with outside partners to identify and solve design briefs. SCADpro is recognized as the preeminent university partner in higher education and among design agencies worldwide.

The Problem

Our SCADpro team was tasked with reimagining the flight deck for Gulfstream Aerospace jets. Our team was responsible for research, concept, branding, modeling, rendering, and presentation of our solution. Final deliverables included a VR interactive experience, fully rendered 3D model, engaging presentation and slide deck, branded process book, and website.

The Solution

Our team's approach was to interview and survey pilots to determine critical pain points in the current design and amend them. Our team put a lot of emphasis on research and concept development, because a good design was very dependent on the limitations of standards set for this industry. 

Branding Content
What was my role?

I was the lead of the presentation and slide deck team. I was responsible for leading the branding and presentation of all deliverables for the client, including slide decks, motion graphics, website, process book, team logos, and merchandise.


My team worked side by side with the industrial designers to present their work in a clear and effective way. I personally was responsible for reviewing and editing the final presentation slide deck and creating all motion graphics used in the deliverables.

Meet the Team:


Louis Baker - Professor of Graphic Design

Cesar Pieri - Professor of Industrial Design

Project Manager

Kyushik Nam


Research Team

Taylor Primuth

Daniel Pelletier

Industrial Design Team

Cara Harlow

Matt Shuman

Ryan Sulesky

Jingbo Li

Branding Team

Michelle Haas

Brittany Waugh

Megan Hatfield

Maya Zimmer

Kruti Kadkol

Ryan Tauscher

Sound and VR Team

Tor Parker

Bill Juergensen

Nathan Lienau

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