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CKH Group

Global Brand Designer Position
Job Description
As my most recent job experience, I 
unified the design, visual expression, and branding of CKH Group, across all global and local offices. I left a lasting impact on the branding, digital presence, and marketing department of CKH Group by doing the following:
  • Created a new brand manual and facilitated asset-creation of rebranded materials.
  • Tripled social media followers across existing company platforms within a six-month period.
  • Established new social media presences on two platforms: Twitter and Tiktok
  • Was lead designer of new company magazine.
  • Was lead designer of new Litmos (online learning) onboarding learning path
  • Managed social media content creation and engagement growth.
  • Created both internal and external graphics, flyers, and motion graphic videos 
  • Fully designed new company website via Wordpress.
  • Directed, filmed, animated, edited, and produced a global onboarding video with footage from partners and upper management across all offices.
  • Actively participated in the Mental Health Initiative, leading the establishment of a company-wide global mental health survey.


Brand Manual/Rebranding

As brand designer, I took on the leading role in facilitating the rebranding process. I researched, designed, and edited the new brand manual that would guide alignment across all platforms, media, and merchandising.

The rebranding process also included designing the new CKH Group logo, creating assets for use across the firm, animating new logo reveals, and developing rebranded merchandise. Merchandise included business cards, pamphlets, bookmarks, mousepads, notebooks, lanyards, masks, and more.

To announce the rebranding both internally and externally, I also animated a motion graphics video touching on the key aspects of our new branding and brand manual. 

After the rebranding I continue to advise employees on the correct branding process and how to keep consistent document alignment

Monthly Magazine

A change that was implemented and facilitated by the marketing team was creating a new, unified magazine in line with CKH's new branding.​

I was the lead designer of the magazine, editing the template and overall look that would be used for future magazines. After the initial establishment of overall composition, I continue to create each month's magazine in line with this branding.

This magazine now runs over 30 pages, has contributions from six global offices as well as the Atlanta headquarters. The magazine features photo competitions, passages from our partners, advertisements, and local cuisine.

This new change has had overwhelming positive response from the firm and continues to receive support from the partners.

Check out some of my published magazines!

August 2022

July 2022

June 2022

New Website


In line with CKH's new branding, I took on the role of lead designer the new CKH website.


As part of this role, I received training on Wordpress and am now proficient in frontend editing via Wordpress Bakery Editor. I've also learned how to optimize SEO, the importance of backlinks, and minor coding via HTML.

You can view this new site at

Onboarding Video

This onboarding video required mass cross-department collaboration. I directed the filming, scripted it, edited the footage, and created this extensive onboarding video using both Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects. This project was extremely well received and led to the further development of an entire Onboarding Course via Litmos, our online learning platform.

Motion Graphic Videos