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SCAD 2019 - Motion Graphic
Process and Moodboard
The Problem

The brief of this project was to create a motion graphic centered around one theme, without using cliches or the word itself (except as a title). Our video was also required to have sound that encouraged the theme, but had minimal lyrics. 

The Solution

My solution to this ask was to center my theme around "conspiracy." When I imagined conspiracies, I thought of UFOs, radio static, and satellites. My immediate reaction was to create something that was very technological and complex.


I was inspired by experimental glitch art and minimalism. Often times conspiracies take broad simplistic ideas and break them down into complex tangents. I utilized symmetry and synchronization to the music to contrast the glitchy nonsensical aspects of this video. 


Although this was one of my earlier projects at SCAD, I find myself continually looking back on this project for inspiration.


Design and Animation: Michelle Haas

Music: Two Time by Jack Stauber (edited)

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