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CKH Branding Elements

CKH CPAs and Advisors - Internship Branding
Process and Moodboard
The Problem

This was assigned by CKH marketing team to asses my skills as an intern. The original ask was to create an on-brand social media post promoting CKH's SUT services to a specific target customer. The target customer was one that relied heavily on social media to promote their brand and product and was also led/owned/operated by strong female entrepreneurs/business women.

The Solution

My solution to this ask was to create a square format motion graphic that imitated online shopping, with the "product" being the service. After successful completion of the assignment I was, in fact, offered the internship.

In addition, I created an unprompted branding element for CKH for a project at SCAD. I was tasked with creating a logo resolve for any company, and chose CKH.

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