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SCAD 2020 - Music Video
"Optical Poem" Inspiration
The Problem

The brief of this project was to create a video that paid homage to a studio or artist that inspires us. This was for my history of animation class, so it was suggested that we pick early animators or motion designers. The video could be informative about their life or be inspired by a work or works that our chosen artist had done.

The Solution

I chose Oskar Fischinger, who was an early abstract motion graphics artist in the 1930s. This tribute was inspired by his film "An Optical Poem," from 1937.

I drew a lot of my inspiration from his bright colors, geometric shapes, and synchronous art style. I decided to create a piece using this style and method, but set to modern-day Wishes by Beach House. 

This project was created in Adobe After Effects.


Design and Animation: Michelle Haas

Music: Wishes by Beach House

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