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One in Five

SCAD 2020 - PSA
Process and Moodboard
The Problem

The brief of this project was to create a public service announcement for a nonprofit group about which I am passionate. This project also required creating or recording our own audio and limiting length to under a minute. 

The Solution

My solution to this ask was to create a PSA for RCC Savannah, which is a local rape crisis center for survivors of sexual assault. After completion of this project, I also reached out to RCC to formally give them this video, to be used when and if they need it.

My concept was to record several different people's audio - old, young and any gender. I wanted to emphasis that sexual assault can affect anyone. 

I chose a hand-drawn, cut-paper look to symbolize the struggle it is to talk about these issues, that sometimes these stories can come out hastily, roughly, or incomplete, because these topics are sensitive.

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