One in Five

This project was for my kinetic typography class at SCAD. The ask was to create a PSA for a nonprofit or local company that we were interested in. I chose RCC, the savannah based Rape Crisis Center. Awareness and assistance to sexual assault victims have always been important to me, and I wanted to create something for this group that they could potentially use on social media. I collected audio from several family and friends. This piece was created in Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, and Reaper Audio.



Inspiration and Moodboard

My inspiration for this piece was to make this appear like handwriting on a page. Survivors of sexual assault sometimes have a hard time talking about their experience, so I wanted to make something that showed this struggle to speak up. 


One in five women and one in fourteen men will experience sexual assault at some point in their lifetime. Over a third of female sexual assault survivors have contemplated suicide at some point after their assault, and thirteen percent have attempted it. 


Don’t let anyone else become another statistic. If you or a loved one is a survivor of sexual assault, visit to get the resources that you need.