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Pittsburgh Penguins NHL

2021  Motion Graphics Internship

Energetic Animations

The Internship

I was hired as a Motion Graphics Intern with the Pittsburgh Penguins, a National Hockey League team. I was supervised by Aaron Spiegel, the Motion Graphics Manager.
During the internship, I edited current assets and created new ones within the Penguin's campaign guide. I gained experience in professional workflow and file management, as well as upholding pre-existing branding. 


"Get Loud" Animations
My major projects included creating two new energetic animations typically seen within the rink.
The challenge of this project was adhering to the size dimensions and uniqueness of the screens. Each animation had to pattern precisely, so that it could be shown on halo-like screens without visible seams. The animations also had to loop, which was another added criteria. 

I found this project to be extremely rewarding, as it was a situation I had not approached in SCAD projects before. Each set had to be both cohesive and also generic enough that they could be used over and over again for several years.


Widget Animations: This project consisted of coming up with short transition animations for the branding campaign's existing assets. I was responsible for breaking down and creating 17 unique motion graphics.

Player Reveals and General Branding
In addition to larger projects, I also worked on several different time-sensitive editing assignments. I was responsible for photoshopping players or coaches, updating photoshop files, and editing pre-existing animations created by senior motion designers.