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Brand Design and Collateral

Design, especially brand design, is at the core of my skillset. Having graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design, I'm equipped with design software knowledge and the passion to create and apply specific brand elements across all digital and print materials. Effective brand design can make or break the growth of a company. I specialize in creating visually stunning assets that don't just draw people in, but drive conversion.


My software experience spans across the Adobe Creative Suite, Canva, Figma, and Microsoft Office. These tools are applied towards motion graphics/videos, presentations, web design, logo design, email templates, proposals, newsletters/magazines, brand manuals, social media posts, merchandise, event booth designs, letterheads, flyers, print materials, business cards, and just about anything you can put a logo on! 

Brand Manual
& Rebranding

While Brand Designer at CKH Group, I took on the responsibility of leading the rebranding process from CKH CPAs and Advisors to CKH Group. I researched, designed, and edited the new brand manual that would guide alignment across all platforms, media, and merchandising.


The rebranding process also included designing the new CKH Group logo, creating assets for use across the firm, animating new logo reveals, and developing rebranded merchandise. Merchandise included business cards, pamphlets, bookmarks, mousepads, notebooks, lanyards, masks, and more.

To announce the rebranding both internally and externally, I also animated a motion graphics video touching on the key aspects of our new branding and brand manual. 

After the rebranding I continue to advise employees on the correct branding process and how to keep consistent document alignment​​​

Rebranding Video

Branded Videos

With my background in Motion Media Design, I am able to leverage my skills to created branded videos. Here are some of the projects I was fully responsible for (planning, designing, scripting, shooting, editing, animating):

Onboarding Video

This onboarding video required mass cross-department collaboration. I directed the filming, scripted it, edited the footage, and created this extensive onboarding video using both Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects. This project was extremely well received and led to the further development of an entire Onboarding Course (which I created) via Litmos, our online learning platform.

Website Redesign Launch

In line with CKH's rebranding, I took on the role of lead designer of the new website. As part of this, I created several 'coming soon' and 'now live' videos to promote the website change. This was created in Adobe After Effects.

Meet The Team

I created a series of 'meet the team' videos, featuring CKH Group's executive leadership. The videos had the goal of showing the people and culture of CKH Group.


The process of creating these videos including coordinating with the Founder, CEO, CFO, Chief Tax Officer, and Chief People Officer. I scripted, filmed, and edited all videos. At the end of the process I even put together a fun bloopers video to share with employees during their onboarding!

Ukraine Charity Video

CKH Group started a new nonprofit called CKH Cares with the goal of supporting the Ukraine Employees in the company whose friends and families have been impacted by the war in Ukraine. I created a video sharing the stories of our own employees, with the hopes of encouraging  donations to this nonprofit.

Miscellaneous Promo Vidoes

As part of CKH Group's branding, I also created various promo videos to be used across our social channels and website. These further integrate CKH's messaging and branding into every aspect of our content.

Monthly Magazine

A change that was implemented and facilitated by the marketing team was creating a new, unified magazine in line with CKH's new branding.​ I was the lead designer of the magazine, editing the template and overall look that would be used for future magazines. I continue to create each month's magazine in line with this branding.

Check out some of my published magazines!

You can also find the magazine online (every edition created by me) here:

October 2023

June 2023

July 2023

August 2023

Merchandise, Booth Design, and Collateral

In order to get CKH Group's name out there, our marketing and sales team attended several events and trade shows, which required a branded booth, merchandise to hand out, and flyers or presentations to present at the event. I was responsible for creating all of these things, utilizing illustrator to create these extremely custom fit designs. I also communicated with vendors on how to arrange and print our logo or other designs on various marketing merchandise.

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