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Website Design & SEO

Website design and SEO is currently one of my favorite marketing and design related responsibilities, and is what I am most passionate about doing. I've taken my design background and bolstered it with hands on experience building webpages directly in Wordpress- including some basic HTML and SEO and both on page and technical SEO. I'm well versed in keyword research and application as well as writing and designing web pages that prioritize SEO and an excellent user experience. While there's still so much more I can learn, I'm confident in my ability to manage a website and continuously learn how to create an effective digital presence

Website Redesign

In line with CKH's new branding, I took on the role of lead designer the new CKH website and was given full responsibilty to design, create, edit, write, and optimize all pages of the website (yes, all of them!).


As part of this role, I received training on Wordpress and am now proficient in frontend and backend editing via Wordpress (using wordpress bakery). I've also learned  minor coding via HTML.

You can view this site at (all pages on the site were designed, built, and written by me)
Image by Alina Grubnyak

SEO Specialist

I love to geek out over SEO. I've used both SEMrush and other SEO analysis tools to conduct site health audits, keyword research, competitor keyword gap, position tracking, backlink audits, local SEO listing management, and more. Data and analytics when it comes to SEO is something I find myself easily able to understand and also fascinating. Not only this, I have strong capabilities when it comes to actually implementing SEO- understanding and editing meta descriptions, schema templates, alt text, and improve page speed.

I have been directly responsible for improvements across the board when it comes to positioning, web traffic, and conversion rate. I understand the importance of combining on page SEO, technical SEO, and user experience to create an authoritative, high ranking website.

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